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National Awards

The AOC Windy City Chapter congratulates Bob Broton as one of 2010's Anton D. Brees Life Achievement Award Winners.Click here for more information on Bob Broton

  • National Nomination Form
  • National Winners
  • Policy And Procedures

Local Awards

Local Winners

2014-2015 Windy City Local Award Winners



2009-2010 Windy City Local Award Winners


Local Award Policy and Procedures

Local Award Description

The Windy City Chapter (WCC) of the Association of Old Crows established a program in 1987 to recognize the efforts of local personnel within the WCC Chapter. The program was amended in 1995 to add one additional category. The Chapter now offers five awards: the WCC Service Award, the Technology Award, the Marketing Award, the Management Award and the Engineering Excellence Award. These awards are made annually and are intended to supplement the National Awards Program. The awards are to be presented at the Annual Windy City Chapter Awards Recognition Function.

Who May Nominate

Any member in good standing of the WCC may nominate individuals for these awards with certain exceptions. The exceptions being that current members of the WCC Awards Committee are ineligible to nominate or serve as reference or be nominated for these awards.

Who Are Eligible For Nomination

Only AOC members in good standing are eligible for the Awards. Normally, only one award will be made in each category, each year. Multiple awards may be made, however, if deemed appropriate by the Awards Committee for exceptional situations. The Awards Committee will have the option of withholding an award category for a year, if, in its estimation, none of the nominees meet the minimum requirements set forth in this criteria.


Presentation of the awards will be made by the WCC Awards Chairperson at the Annual Awards Recognition Function. The presentation will consist of a suitable award and citation as determined by the Board of Directors from recommendations by the Local Awards Committee.


Nominations may be made at any time by completing the required form and forwarding it to the Local Awards Committee.

Award Decision

The Awards Committee will review all nominations and recommend winners to the WCC Board of Director. The Board by 2/3 majority must approve the recommendations of the Awards Committee.

Nomination Procedures

1. Complete nomination in accordance with the approval format (see attachment)
2. Forward nominations, together with any endorsements, to the WCC prior to the prescribed deadline
3. Awards will be made solely on the basis of the information submitted.
4. Nomination Form

Engineering Excellence Award

This award is available to any member in good standing of the Windy City Chapter for consistent, outstanding application of engineering principles in support of the EW community. An example would be a project engineer engaged in any of the technical disciplines (electrical, mechanical, software, manufacturing, etc.) with a generally acknowledged and respected record for the support of EW system development or production. Nomination must include a description of the nominee’s specific contribution and the impact to the program.

The nominee must have demonstrated outstanding knowledge and understanding of a wide range of system detail that enables significant contribution to the success of the program. An example is an engineer who is sufficiently familiar with a system, product or process to devise and/or implement a solution to a problem considering all aspects of the issue, enabling the solution to be effective and without repercussion. The contribution need not necessarily be a technical breakthrough; solid engineering practice is the focus of this award.

Marketing Award

This award may be made to any member, in good standing, of the Windy City Chapter. The award will recognize the individual’s contribution to EW/EC requirements, and/or successfully integrating corporate capabilities with DoD EW/EC development needs. The award may also recognize an individual’s long term outstanding service in providing essential communication between their corporation and the Government and assuring that efficient and effective interfaces are maintained to satisfy customer needs.


  • Nominees must have demonstrated their marketing abilities in specifically definable ways. For example; the individual sought out, investigated and defined a new and unique marketing opportunity that resulted in a significant corporate contribution toward satisfying a specific outstanding EW requirement. The nomination must identify each of the candidate’s accomplishments, the EW requirement or program title, the date or time period involved and the positive impact or value of the contribution to the EW community.
  • Nominees in the area of extended outstanding marketing services will have accomplishments that may have required a more subjective evaluation. These nominations should, as a minimum, include relevant program titles, the overall time period involved, examples of outstanding service in maintaining communications, solving problems, and/or providing essential interfaces.

Management Award

This award may be made to any member in good standing of the Windy City Chapter for outstanding leadership and performance in organizing, planning and directing an essential entity directly associated with the field of EW/EC. An example would be a program manager, test director, project engineer, or equivalent. The essential entity may be a Government related, military and/or industrial program.


  • The nominee must have demonstrated exceptional leadership of individual effort, interest, and perseverance in managing and accomplishing a particular function or entity.
  • Nominees must have demonstrated the ability to overcome unusual obstacles or handicaps in achieving program goals and milestones in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • Nominee must have demonstrated the unique attribute of being a team builder/player and subsequently managing those assets assigned to successful fruition.

Technology Award

This award may be awarded to any member in good standing of the Windy City Chapter as recognition to member scientists and engineers for outstanding achievements in science, technology, system related engineering or procedures used in the Electronic Warfare / Electronic Combat field.

Recognized significant direct participation in EW/EC research, development of testing activities or technical guidance provided to Government sponsored research, development and production programs. Recipients must be qualified/certified Electrical, Mechanical, and/or Software/Digital Engineers. Nomination must include a description of the nominee’s specific technical contribution and the issues involved in the technical problem(s) solved.

Outstanding Service Award

This Award recognizes those individuals who distinguished themselves by a particularly noteworthy contribution to the Windy City Chapter. This ward should not be misconstrued with the lesser AOC certificate of Appreciation and/or Merit.

Nominee must have performed some particularly noteworthy service to the Windy City Chapter. Such service could be in connection with a Chapter function, e.g., technical seminar, scholarship fund raiding function/award ceremony, or dinner function. It is appropriate that the Windy City Chapter recognize particularly noteworthy contributions and those contributions should be truly unusual or beyond that normally expected.

Superior Customer Service Award

This Award recognizes those individuals who distinguish themselves through particularly noteworthy customer service. Emphasis for this award is given to those individuals that ensure that the end user of EW equipment is provided with the support, either in the field or at the equipment supplier facility, necessary to keep EW equipment operational and protect the lives of U.S. and allied soldiers.

Criteria: Nominee must have performed some particularly noteworthy customer service. Individuals that distinguish themselves in regard to providing service to product support including logistics systems engineering, field engineering, logistics project management, and technical data & training are eligible for this award.

With over 13,000 members internationally, the Association of Old Crows is an organization for individuals who have common interests in Electronic Warfare (EW), Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Operations, Cyber Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA), Information Operations (IO), and other information related capabilities. The Association of Old Crows provides a means of connecting members and organizations nationally and internationally across government, defense, industry, and academia to promote the exchange of ideas and information, and provides a platform to recognize advances and contributions in these fields.