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The Billy Mithell Chapter concluded its election on December 2nd for three Director positions.  Congratulations to Jason "Boots" Winn, Hank Trouissant, and Bob Grover.

Billy Mitchell Officers


John Langford                                  President/New Submissions/Awareness/Social

Vacant                                               Vice President

Kent Namikas                                   Secretary/Speakers Programs

Rob Parks                                         Speakers Programs

Gary Henley                                      Awards/Goals/Objectives                            

Frank Ball                                         Treasurer/Finance/Historian

Marc Jamison                                   Newsletter Editor/Advocacy & Awareness

Jim Moryl                                          Ed Foundation/SwRI Liaison

Sammy Smith                                   STEM/Social Networking

Ross “BDA” Vincent                         Newsletter/Constitution & Bylaws/Elections

J. J. Romano                                    Web Coordinator/Membership/Recruitment/Retention

Vacant                                              Military Liaison

BMC Presidents from its inception to the present time:

NAME                                                            DATES

Robert Frodge                                   10/1968-10/1971

Dak Proctor                                       10/1971-10/1973

Robert Frodge                                   10/1973-10/1975

Edwin Bronaugh                                10/1975-10/1977

Robert Frodge                                   10/1977-10/1979

Robert Weikle                                    10/1979-10/1981

Kevin Gilroy                                       10/1981-10/1983

Clark R Morgan                                 10/1983/10/1985

Larry Oaks                                         10/1985-10/1987

Wesley Brown                                   10/1987-10/1989

Dak Proctor                                       10/1989-10/1991

Milton Driggers                                  10/1991-10/1993

Mark Ashton                                      10/1993-10/1995

Frank Goral                                       10/1995-10/1997

Doug Holden                                     10/1997-10/1999

Tom White                                         10/1999-10/2001

Don Mcauley                                      10/2001-10/2003

Mark Ashton                                       10/2003-10/2005

Mike Tackett                                       10/2005-10/2007

Sam Roberts                                       10/2007-10/2009

Greg Radabaugh                                10/2009-09/2012

Ron Poland                                         09/2012-09/2014


With over 13,000 members internationally, the Association of Old Crows is an organization for individuals who have common interests in Electronic Warfare (EW), Electromagnetic Spectrum Management Operations, Cyber Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA), Information Operations (IO), and other information related capabilities. The Association of Old Crows provides a means of connecting members and organizations nationally and internationally across government, defense, industry, and academia to promote the exchange of ideas and information, and provides a platform to recognize advances and contributions in these fields.